Great Show at Common House this past Friday

Yup, we had another fun and successful art opening at Common House this past Friday. This was our first sort of “interactive” art show. We hung cameras from the ceiling and encouraged people to take photos of themselves against the art covered walls. Also started/had a huge drawing on one wall and invited visitors to add […]

Interesting Blog for Artists and Designers

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Get a glimpse of whats going on in the art/graphic design world around the globe. Neat!Fall down the wormhole

CRUMMY HOUSE MEGAZINE launch Tonight At Common House Artist Collective

So I have a few random ZINES that I picked up over the years, including some old school ones from an old friend, artist rockstar badass and personal hero of mine Mike Seiben called Programmed from India. They’re a hilarious and a unique part of art history in ATX! But as an art collector/hoarder of […]

This Friday at Common House!

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365 art pieces!

Screen Printing Awesomeness

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I am a bit of a screen printing nerd/poster addict/collector so you’ll probably see a lot of Snack Machine posts about poster art.  These are by designer Shawn K. Knight. Aside form Wu Tang, I don’t know who the other bands are but the posters are bad ass art pieces. Amazing textures, composition and […]

More Great Art I Saw on the Interweb

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More Great Art I Saw on the Interweb

I had a box of money like that one time. SIKE! It’s completely made of wood! They all are! RANDALL ROSENTHAL carves and hand paints each piece from a single block of wood!! Check out the money in the envelope. You can see the money showing through. All of it, flawless detail. Sorry for the […]

Now For Something More Tasteful and Art Related

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Another oldy but a goodie. I visit Pes’ site at least once a week, and even though a new one gets added maybe once or twice a year lately, I never get bored of watching his incredible stop frame animations. I love watching how Pes breaths life into ordinary everyday objects. If you’re new to […]

Catching up on my Youtube viral video sensations.

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Alright look, I know I said I was going to blog about art and design and other smart shit but…. I was just shown this tonight by some friends, and even though it was apparently posted in 2008, FOR ME it’s the best rap song/video /funniest shit I’ve seen in 2012. Must of missed this […]


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I finally have a follower! Thanks Jess! The rest of you better get on fuckin board. All the cool kids are doin it.

Speaking of Unicorns…

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No more unicorns after this one I promise. Thanks McG! Click to enlarge if you’re old and have shitty eyesight.