Life as a Creative

I am sure my fellow designers/creatives in the “industry” will agree on how it is sometimes difficult explaining our artistic plight to friends and family. Graphic Designers, Art Directors, Creatives do much more than spend a fun day at the office coming up with “cool ideas” for advertisements, and making clever logos and product packing […]


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YESSS! I need to keep some 3D glasses on hand

And Now a Break From Snooty Art Talk

My dogs are STILL cuter than yours.

Another Neato Art Blog

Another Neato Art Blog

There’s some real kooky cool shit on here. Exhausted all my usual adjectives. Think I may have found my next tattoo

Kick Ass Type Porno

I have no idea what DVNO stands for but I never get tired of watching this. It reminds me of my childhood… spent in front of the T.V. instead of outside playing sports with the other dirty neighborhood kids. I grew up Mormon so most of what I learned about the “real world” came from […]

More Beautiful Design and Custom Typography from NY

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More Beautiful Design and Custom Typography from NY

Typographic excellence by NY graphic designer/artist Jon Contino.   This is most definitely type as an art form. You have got to check out the rest of Jon’s work! The images on his site take a sec to load up. Be sure and keep scrolling all the way to the right. One of my faves. I […]



So I spent this past Friday night looking at kick ass graphic design and typography on the infernet and talking shop with a good friend/fellow designer. A lot of my upcoming posts will contain our findings. I will just be posting some examples of the artist’s work and a link to their site. I am […]


This week I started a new job as a graphic designer at The Screamer Company. They’re an extremely talented and driven bunch and I am pretty stoked to be working with them. Screamer Co. has worked on some fun projects, and do awesome work. They’ve won a few ADDYS the last couple years and very […]

Bored In My Shitty Hotel Room In Stinky Amarillo

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So apparently back in December, due to the movie’s portrayal of the evil oil baron, Fox News accused the new Muppet movie of being the part of Hollywood’s plan to “brainwash” children with their liberal agenda. Quite possibly the dumbest thing I’ve seen on the news in a while. Unfortunately this clip is actually more […]