Probably One of My Toughest Challenges Yet

Water with lemon juice, maple syrup, with a dash of cayenne pepper. That’s what I’ve been living on for 5 days now. With about 22 years of hard livin under my belt, and needing to stay home with my quarantined dog that just got out of surgery, I figured it was a good time to isolate myself from just about everything fun. That’s right, Master Cleanse, the 10 day (minimum) lemonade and nothing else diet.

I’ve thought about for a while as more and more people I know have done it and say how great it is. I’ve been told there are many health benefits to doing Master Cleanse, so this better be fucking worth it. I have noticed the disappearance of my extra chin so that’s good. I’ve never been more bored in my life. I am not really hungry but I miss the taste of food and drink TERRIBLY. I can do this! 4 more days.