Totally My Bad

So I’ve been slacking on the whole blog thing. I suppose there are a number of reasons/excuses. My recent move from Austin to Fort Collins, Colorado, holiday fun in a new place, busy at (and sometimes burned out from) the new job, and down right laziness. It’s my new exposure to extreme cold. I’m hibernating when I am not working. I will make it a new years resolution of mine to try and get back into this whole blogging thing regularly. I said TRY. It might help if I got reader feedback other than a f-ing constant stream of spam

So here it is folks. My attempt to reignite the flames of inspiration. Invisible Creature created this killer holiday gift for their clients. Packaging, photography, instructions, and all. Totally pro style. Why couldn’t Lego have come up with cool shit like this when I was into Legos as a kid. Actually if I could buy this now I totally would. Unfortunately it was super limited edition (and rightfully so) and Invisible Creature only made six of these puppies. I wonder who the lucky clients were who got them.

Eye Creature from Invisible Creature on Vimeo.